A WEIGHTLOSS inspiration who has helped dieters shed more than 200 stone this year alone has been honoured.

Elaine Pruce, from Weymouth, was given Weight Watchers Diamond Leader status at a special awards ceremony in Newport, Wales.

Mrs Pruce, aged 41, became a leader after losing more than five stone on the programme herself.

She said: “I am passionate about the healthcare benefits of losing weight.

“It’s not about looking good – people come to me and say ‘I want to be healthy.’ It’s all about reducing diabetes and the risk of diabetes and teaching long-term healthy eating habits.”

While flying the world as cabin crew for 17 years, Elaine married husband Steve and had son Alexander, aged six.

It was during her pregnancy that Mrs Pruce says she gained weight and, wanting to fit back in to her uniform and not be the ‘fattest mum at the school gates’, decided to join Weight Watchers.

Now the mum, who also has a three-year-old daughter named Isabella, is teaching others what she has learnt.

This year alone, Elaine has helped her members shed 3,057 lbs – which is more than 218 stone.

She added: “I have been at my goal weight for over three years now, and alongside the health benefits of weight loss, I am really keen to promote teaching kids good eating habits from an early age, something I talk about with the young mums at my meetings.”

Mrs Pruce works with Dorset Primary Care Trust, which refers patients to her for a 12-week programme. For more information about meetings run by Elaine, call 07970 840968 or email EPruce@weight-watchers.co.uk