STAFF at a Weymouth garage got out their mops and buckets and raised hundreds of pounds for a good cause.

Workers at South Coast Auto Solutions South Coast Auto Solutions on the Granby Industrial Estate raised £165 with a charity car wash in aid of cystic fibrosis.

Kirsi Tamlin and Lucy Griffin were among those who washed more than 30 cars in one day to raise the funds.

Miss Tamlin organised the event for her 22-year-old godson Robert Burrows, of Portland, who suffers from the life-threatening condition which blocks airways and the digestive system.

She said: “The money will be used to buy exercise equipment for Robert, it will hopefully keep him out of hospital because the more exercise he does the less he has to go in.

“It keeps his lungs strong and keeps him active.”

Miss Tamlin added: “We’re going to do another car wash in a couple of months to raise funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust but we wanted to give the first lot of money to Robert.

“We’re really, really pleased with the amount we raised, we washed 33 cars and it was freezing cold, so we are happy with how well it went.”

Mr Burrows recently received treatment at Poole Hospital where he praised staff including physiotherapist Louella Oherlihy.

Mr Burrows said: “The hospital were a big help, they do all they can. I really felt like they wanted the best for me and Louella was really great she helped me through every day.”

Mr Burrow’s illness means that his lung function is 30 per cent lower than average for someone of his age and height.

He must keep up a rigorous regime including daily exercise to keep his lungs clear and minimise the risk of developing serious lung infections.

Miss Tamlin said: “We just wanted to get some awareness about the cause.

“With my godson being so ill at the moment we wanted to give him a bit of support and do something good to raise money.”