A DOG owner is appealing for a man to come forward after his pet attacked hers during a walk. The woman was with her 14-year-old dog on Wool recreation ground when she said that the attack took place. “My dog was on the lead and this other one came running over.

“I said ‘no’, but the next thing I know, she’s got my dog round the neck.

“She shook him and pinned him down to the ground.”

The attacked dog suffered two puncture wounds above the ear, bruising and a bite to the inside of his mouth.

The incident, on Wednesday October 17, resulted in a hefty vet’s bill for the owner.

The woman, who does not want to be named, added: “Eventually my dog struggled free out of his collar and ran off home.”

She described the attacking dog as quite young, with dark fur and a flash of white down the front.

She added that it had pale yellow-orange eyes and could have been a Staffordshire bull terrier or Rottweiler cross-breed.

Anyone with information should contact the Purbeck dog warden on 01929 556561 or by email to envservices@purbeck-dc.gov.uk