A group of Weymouth friends who met at a slimming group celebrated competing for their group’s title of Woman of the Year.

Jodie Saunders, Emma Cristofi and Lisa Clarke battled it out in the competition and Emma won the overall title for Buxton Road’s Slimming World group in Weymouth.

She has lost over four and a half stone since she joined the group in January, when she plucked up the courage to chat to fellow member and now-best friend Jodie in the school playground about her own weight loss.

Emma said: “Without Jodie by my side and the help and support from everyone in the group I would never have believed I could achieve this. I really cannot believe how much energy I have now. I love buying dresses now. I urge any mum in the playground to talk to someone this autumn.

“Don’t feel down, join a friend and get slim for Christmas.”

Group co-ordinator Nicky Maynard said the three women have lost an impressive 17 stone between them.

She added: “I am just so very proud of all the ladies nominated and especially Emma who really did not expect to win.”