OVER the last two weeks I have experienced a mixture of highs and lows.
It started with a huge high with |the success of the cheese and wine evening we held at Willowbed Hall in Chickerell.
The event raised a total of £3,700 which was incredible and once again we would like to thank everyone who helped make the night such a success.
Everything seemed to be progressing well but then I got a head cold, sore throat and blocked nose, which meant I had to stop training for a week.
I eventually returned to pounding the pavements last Sunday when ten miles was the distance on my training schedule.
From the start my legs felt heavy and I did not feel comfortable at all.
To make matters worse I was then confronted with every jogger's worst nightmare, a dog that kept jumping up at me and getting under my feet.
That made running impossible and with its owner not around it soon broke my concentration.
A few minutes later I started back on my way but my mind was not in a positive mode and all sorts of thoughts began running through my head.
The fact it was Mother's Day was a big reminder of why we are putting ourselves through such a huge challenge.
Such a day would have been full of enjoyment and fun with all the family and with every stride that constant realisation that life will never be the same again kept playing on mind.
I tried to refocus and I soon began to hear my wife Teresa's voice telling me 'you took on this challenge so you better see it through to the end'.
Those words echoed around my |head and spurred me on, boosting my determination not to let anything beat me.
I always try to think of positive words spoken by positive people.
I recently read Lance Armstrong's autobiography and the seven-time Tour de France winner's motto has always been 'make an obstacle an opportunity, make a negative a positive'.
Armstrong is a truly incredible man. To overcome cancer and go on to win the world's most famous cycling race on numerous occasions the way he did was an incredible feat and one that has always inspired me.
My wife's wise words and Armstrong's motto soon had me feeling a lot more comfortable before in the final mile I got another huge positive with the sight of Adam jogging towards me.
Adam has suffered several weeks of frustration with a knee injury and is just beginning to get back running.
He is still not feeling 100 per cent but remains determined to get round and seeing him finally return to training has given us all a lift.
I eventually finished my run on a huge high and I am now looking forward to stepping up my efforts over the next few weeks leading up to the big day.