WE are all feeling very tired and homesick. Paul and Adrian are really feeling the effects of having cycled more than 750 miles in the last 10 days.
We stayed at Beachley Barracks, almost under the Severn Bridge, near Chepstow and we were well looked after.
However, we drew the line at joining the First Rifles’ fancy dress competition.
After a cooked breakfast and another sort out we collected our packed lunches and made our way to the local racecourse to drop the cyclists off.
Over the old Severn Bridge, Natasha and I waited in freezing conditions to video the duo coming over it only to be delayed by them stopping off to take photos.
We then actually mislaid the cyclists down a cycle path on the route into Bristol.
We were all dreading negotiating Bristol but actually the traffic was not as bad as we feared.
We agreed a meeting for lunch and to stick closer together today.
We decide to make the rendezvous on time today. As we travelled the route Natasha and I visited a garden centre and despite the ribbing we had been given by the riders for shopping, we bought some obscure toys.
Lunch was subdued as Adrian’s knee is getting gradually worse but after more painkillers and a short rest he is feeling a little better.
This afternoon we have stayed close to the riders in case they needed us. Our final destination is Taunton Territorial Army Barracks – no beds again – the floor here we come!
But we do have a television, kitchen and shower, well until Paul broke the shower!
Everyone tucked into pasta for our meal as it is a great source of carbohydrates and is easy to prepare.
We are going to enjoy a few games of Cluedo and Uno.
We all appreciate the support our families are giving us at home and on the phone. Your encouragement is making all the difference.
Two more sleepovers to go!