LAST week’s photographs of the Queen – when she was still Princess Elizabeth – visiting Weymouth with her sister and parents generated quite a bit of interest.

Helen Lambie of Lodmoor, Weymouth remembered seeing the royal family during their time in the town.

She said: “I recollect this royal visit to the town, which I watched from a balcony at Royal Terrace. “The photos were taken in the summer of 1939 when King George VI came to review the fleet in Weymouth Bay. “The Royal Party were photographed at Weymouth harbourside before embarking on a boat to Portland harbour. One picture shows the royal party meeting Grannie Wallis of Pye Hill, who was Weymouth’s oldest resident at the time.”

Peter and Anita Meech also contacted us, but with slightly different details.

They say the royal family had arrived in Weymouth by train to board the royal yacht for a weekend visit to Dartmouth.

While on the quay they met Anita’s great, great grandmother Mrs Mary Levena Wallis, who had reached the age of 100 in March 1939.

Peter said: “She is the lady in the bath wheelchair with her daughter Sarah Carrier.

“The date is probably August 30, 1939, not long after the King’s visit to Weymouth to inspect the reserve fleet at Portland Naval Base on August 9, 1939.”