JULIA Churchill of Studland has been in touch following the series of articles we have done on the late Cissie Puckett of Tolpuddle.

Julia is the great granddaughter of Cissie and the youngest daughter of Rita, who is daughter to Irene, daughter of Cissie.

Julia said: "I remember visiting grandma in Tolpuddle when I was younger and exploring the vast garden which went almost down to the river at the back and stretched some way to the side of the house. "In fact Hammetts Close was built in what I seem to remember being the orchard.

"I remember the house being quite dark and had no idea that electricity had only been fitted in 1976."

Julia said she has been inspired to trace her family tree after reading about the legendary Cissie.

Thanks for getting in touch Julia, it was a pleasure to hear from you.