FEARS over the future of Weymouth's Pavilion and ferry terminal redevelopment went unanswered at a council meeting.

Councillor David Harris, the Mayor of Weymouth and Portland, refused to answer residents' questions at a meeting of Weymouth and Portland Borough Council's management committee.

Public concerns over the development were re-ignited when it was revealed confidential talks had been held between the council and developer Howard Holdings.

The developer has denied issuing an ultimatum to the council over fresh wrangles about the number of flats and marina berths the development will include.

Sue Sidell, of Milton Terrace, Weymouth, told the committee: "What many townsfolk are worried about is the environmental impact of the proposed marina development on the Pleasure Pier.

"The enlarged marina entrance faces directly on to the beach so the marina detritus - sewage, diesel oil and anti-fouling paint - will wash directly on to the beach and indeed over an established eel grass bed."

She said the presence of a similar bed in Portland harbour had been sufficient reason for councillors to deny planning permission for a marina at Bincleaves.

Rob Burnfield, of Hartlebury Terrace, Weymouth, said: "We have not been told precisely what Howard Hold-ings' new proposals are, but the reports and the Mayor's statement make it fairly clear.

"We may be "Saga louts" but we are not stupid ones."

Josephine Barrow, of Newberry Road, Weymouth, said: "I sincerely hope that our councillors are still working out a plan B as mooted in previous committee meetings."

Coun Harris said: "There was no intention of making a public statement today.

"It would not be my role as Mayor to make a comment."