Walking along the Esplan-ade from Weymouth to Preston, I moved to my left to point something out to my husband and was nearly knocked over by a cyclist who had come up silently behind us at great speed.

This idiot was not a young lout but an elderly man. I feel very strongly that the Esplanade should be for walkers only and not a “shared path” with cyclists. It is dangerous and it does not work.

The Esplanade was built for people to walk along safely. There is a cycle path on the other side of the road especially for cyclists built at great expense, but I understand that they say they want to enjoy the view from the Esplanade.

Oh dear.

Then they should park their bikes and walk, as motorists have to do. Enjoying the view from a bike sounds very dangerous to me. Imagine if motorists did this when driving along a scenic route.

When in charge of a vehicle of any sort, eyes and concentration should be on the road.

I also think that cyclists should pay a road tax like other road users.

They use the roads; why should they have free use of them?

Incidently, according to my Concise English Dictionary, the word “Esplanade” means: “A long open level stretch of ground for walking along.”

Muriel Aird, Enkworth Road, Preston, Weymouth