Premier Division



GW ELECTRICAL proved too powerful for the Lugger in this top-flight contest.

Both teams played well with very consistent passing and worked the ball well throughout the court with Electrical just pulling away, to lead by two goals after the first quarter, 10-8.

GW’s goal-defence Hannah Lee produced some excellent interceptions, enabling her side to pull away further. However, the second half of the quarter saw Lugger fight back to close the gap.

The quarter finished with the scores level at 18-18.

The third quarter saw GW reinvigorated and they were more determined to regain their lead.

But, once again, as soon as they edged away, Lugger fought back.

However, excellent shooting from GW’s goal-shooter Denise Meyers meant they still led at the end of the quarter, 30-27.

During the final period, Lugger’s centre Janet Parker and wing-attack Bernie John produced exceptional feeding into the circle, but their side were unable to close the deficit.

Division One


NEW Image came out on top in this physical clash where the umpires had to remain alert throughout.

New Image centre Zoe Fowler played well, fighting for each dropped ball, and provided successful turnovers throughout the early stages.

The pace increased going into the second quarter and the initial tension had been diffused after both team captains were summoned by the umpires.

Waikiki had a strong defensive pairing of Vicki Winters and Jo Baldwin who worked well to retrieve rebounds, though they still ended the quarter slightly behind as the score stood at 10-8.

Waikiki made some changes to their line-up in this quarter, with Mary Cornick moving to goal-shooter and Emma Gardner to wing-attack.

This set the quarter off far more evenly, allowing Waikiki to pull back the deficit slightly.

The final period saw good shooting from New Image, which kept them in the lead as the final whistle blew.

Division One



PARKERS enjoyed a comprehensive victory as the Gardens were cut down.

The Property girls dominated the first quarter with great defending and court play.

Poundbury were at a disadvantage as they only had six players so had to play without a wing-defence. There was accurate shooting from both teams but Parker’s goal-attack Jane Murray fought hard to get rebounds and scored off them and the quarter ended with Parkers leading 12-4.

Goal-shooter Linda Rawcliffe shot cleanly and accurately and it was a fast-paced quarter with lots of turnovers that Parkers converted to goals.

Poundbury’s centre defended well and achieved many interceptions but Par-kers still managed to extend their lead and the quarter ended with a score of 31-8.

The play in the final quarter continued to be accurate and fast-paced. Pound-bury’s positioning was much better in this period although Parkers continued to increase their advantage.

Division Two



MOBY Dick’s took advantage of mistakes from Bennetts in the first quarter and roared into a 12-3 lead.

Moby’s continued their advantage in the second period and there was excellent court play from all their players particularly centre Kerri Watters.

Bennett’s goal-shooter Sam Rees scored some excellent goals but the quarter ended with Moby’s 20-9 ahead.

Despite trailing significantly, Bennetts increased their work-rate going into the second quarter and Moby’s found it difficult to score.

The quarter ended with Moby’s still in the lead going into the last quarter, with the score standing at 27-17.

Bennetts then played their best period of the match with Rees continuing her accurate shooting and there was a high standard of court play from the whole team.

n Congratulations to Kerry Hansford (Team Waikiki) and Chantelle McCrystal (Bay Publishing) for passing their Beg-inners’ Umpire award.