FOR the last week, we have been focusing our training on refining some of our techniques in the boat, which should bring some long-term gains but, in the short term, is a bit painful.

Tying to unlearn the old movements and replacing them with something different takes time and can be quite frustrating.

Because we do the same manoeuvres like tacking and gybing over and over again they become instinctive so trying to change them takes a real conscious effort.

Just something simple like where to place your feet as you run across the boat is really critical and something that we take a lot of time trying to figure out. Based on video footage of us sailing we identified a few things we thought would help and are trying to embed them into the way we do things.

Based on the amount of swimming we have done recently you could argue it is a step backwards but we are sure it will be better in the long run.

Other than this we are continuing to try and sort out the logistics for travelling to all the events.

We are hoping to team up with other 49er sailors to share the costs of getting to each event as this is a major part of the expenditure.

Time seems to be flying past quicker than ever so we really need to get on the case.

We have been talking to a few other teams, both British and international so hopefully we’ll have this sorted soon.