WEYMOUTH came away from Salisbury with three valuable Women’s East Division points.

The visitors started strongly with Susie Stone returning after a few weeks out and she took up a right defensive position.

Weymouth had the higher percentage of possession from the outset and were strong in the middle, keeping Salisbury at bay.

The host came forward once in the first half but this was quickly extinguished by solid Weymouth defence of Anneka Rogers, Jac-qui Riddler, Naomi Gadian and Stone.

The defence also set a higher press this week, forcing the home side deep back into their own half and preventing them from making a mark in the game.

Weymouth won a penalty corner after some creative play by Chloe Van Crugten and Emily Austin.

The away side had practised penalty corners with coach Daniel Bowles and felt confident going into the game that they would be able to upgrade the corners into goals.

Rogers injected the ball to Stone, who stopped the ball perfectly for striker Austin.

The defender was out quickly so latter skilfully chipped the ball past the defender and had a shot on goal, taking the ball past the keeper and into the back of the goal.

This lifted Weymouth’s spirits further and they attacked more and more, pushing Salisbury further into their own half.

The hosts didn’t have a single attack in the first half, leaving goalkeeper Alice Craven with little to do.

Salisbury started the second period quickly and left three players high and attacking the Weymouth defence.

This kept the Seasiders’ def-ence on their toes, but they still prevented any attack getting anywhere near keeper Craven’s D.

Weymouth were awarded another penalty corner in the second half and were keen to practise the new routines that Bowles had taught them.

The ball was stopped and passed back to injector Rogers who swept the ball into the back of the net, to make the score 2-0.

Weymouth kept the attacks up and had several shots on goal, but the Salisbury keeper stood up to the onslaught.

Caitlin Dive and Casey Foot also went close as their team kept driving forward.

An uncharacteristic miss pass by defender Naomi Gadian then gave the ball to the Salisbury attacker inside Weymouth’s 25.

However, Craven stood strong to deny the hosts their only chance of the game.

This didn’t prevent Weymouth driving forward again.

Austin made an excellent run down the wing and slipped the ball back to the penalty spot, which was met by Dive, who sweetly tucked the ball neatly into the back of the goal to seal the victory.

Weymouth: Austin, Rogers, Foot, Dive, Blundell, Van Crugten, Riddler, Craven, Bustin, Carter-Miles, Stone, Byrne, Gadian.

Player of the match: Alice Craven


Bournemouth II 4 Yeovil and Sherborne II 1, Salisbury II 0 Weymouth 3, Team Bath Buccaneers III 0 Swanage & Wareham 4, West Wilts 1 Frome 2, Wimborne Wayfarers 0 Mendip 3.


Bournemouth II v Salisbury II, Mendip v Frome, Swanage & Wareham v Wimborne Wayfarers, West Wilts v Weymouth, Yeovil & Sherborne II v Team Bath Buccaneers III.