UPWEY boss Steve Reynolds admitted he was “glad to see the back of this season” after his side won their final Dorset Senior League fixture of the campaign at Crichel Park.

Ethan Devaney’s brace and a strike from James Baker gave Upwey the three points as they ended the term sixth in the table.

But, looking back on the season as a whole, Reynolds expressed his frustration over several issues that he would like to see remedied.

While full of praise for a handful of club stalwarts, Reynolds, whose men lost 3-1 to Sturmin-ster Marshall last Saturday, said he was disappointed with others who had promised much but gone missing during the last eight months.

He also remains perplexed by the league’s decision not to arrange evening matches earlier in the season, saving the return encounters for later in the campaign to avoid problems for sides with player availability problems.

Assessing his side’s fortunes, he said: “I’m glad to see the back of this season, it’s gone on too long.

“We started the season by signing too many players, half of which disappeared – that won’t happen next season.

“If players don’t want to pull the shirt on with pride then I won’t have them.

“The likes of Ethan Devaney, Pete Bochonko, Richie Frost, Charlie Kenderdine, Phil And-erson and Jason Pearce are always there for me.

Rory Zima has played nearly every game and Stu Dixon has never let me down either.”

On his fixture concerns, he added: “We’ve suggested to the people that run the league to play evening games earlier in the season and divide the area into four so teams can play sides closer to them.

“Then they should save the reverse fixtures until the end of the season so it’s easier for clubs to get to them.”

Upwey had to forfeit their match at Gillingham Town Reser-ves earlier this month because they were unable to raise a side.

Reynolds has also called on the league to allow clubs above division one to use 3G surfaces to avoid fixture backlogs caused by inclement weather during the winter.

Upwey: Tewkesbury, Baker, Dixon, Frost, Pearce, S Zima, R Zima, Kenderdine, Spence, Harris, Devaney