THE Dorchester Area Schools Partnership’s (DASP) summer schools has proved a great success in the county town.

There were three events, one each for St Osmund’s, Dorchester Middle and St Mary’s Puddletown and their feeder schools.

Pupils from Years Three, Four, Five and Six enjoyed a selection of sports and the feedback from youngsters was positive.

Levi Dailey, head of DASP’s PE, said: “The Year Three and Four pupils loved being up at the middle school and mixing with the older Year Fives and Sixes.

“The Year Fives and Sixes enjoyed managing and leading the younger pupils to enjoy their sports more.

“It was an all-round success this year for DASP PE and I am sure this will run again next year.

“Running the camps was all down to the Olympic legacy leaders and female sports coaches that went into the schools.

“Special thanks go to Elliott Sawyer, Sam Brown, Jordan Fisk, Vicki Nelson, Izzy Harris and Sadie Harris.”