PHIL Simkin reckons the Dorchester Town fans that called for his head during yesterday's defeat to Weymouth “need to come into the real world” and “put their hands in their pockets” if they care about the club.

Speaking after his side’s 2-0 reverse, Magpies’ chief Simkin said he understood the supporters’ frustrations but was disappointed with their reaction given the situation the club is in.

“I understand our supporters’ frustration but I think they need to come into the real world and accept the fact the way things are, not the way they were,” he said.

“I was slightly disappointed with our supporters’ reaction because they’re either completely ignorant of the situation we’re in or they just don’t care, I don’t know which it is.

“I don’t know if they think I can pull rabbits out of hats for much longer because if they can think of someone else who can then he’s welcome to do it.

“I can’t understand what goes through their heads, it’s in front of them, we’ve got no money.

“I don’t quite know what they expect, perhaps they’d like to club together and get me a player.

“If they really care about the club, instead of slagging me off why don’t they put their hands in their pockets, get themselves together in a big group and help me.”

He added: “I feel a little bit sorry for them if they do really think that there is something behind the scenes that I’m not doing.

“They obviously haven’t got a clue what’s going on, not a clue.

“The players were so wound up they wanted to go round (to the fans) and I had to practically stop them leaving the dressing room to go round there.”

Reflecting on the game itself, Simkin said he thought the Magpies reacted well to conceding an early goal and felt they deserved something from the encounter.

He continued: “I think we did well enough to get something out of the game after making such a horrendous mistake in the first minute which was exactly something we demanded they didn’t do.

“All credit to the lads. We rallied, they got their heads round it and, to be honest, apart from Sam’s mistake and the goal from the corner which should have been avoided, I didn’t see a great deal of difference between the two sides – apart from the fact that they have got plenty of players and I haven’t.”

Simkin added that Nick Crittenden could be out for a month with a hamstring injury, and he confirmed that a deal to bring in Mike Gosney on loan from Gosport Borough fell through at the 11th hour.