MORE than 30 Dorset Pentathletes took part in the National Biathle Championships, a record total for the club at the event.

The county team won five gold medals, one silver and a bronze at Salford Quays.

And they also claimed the top team accolade for the fifth time this campaign, earning them the national champions crown.

The event consisted of a run/swim/run competition with distances comprising a 500m to 1,500m run and 50m to 200m swim followed by the same distance run again.

Distances varied with each age group.

The competition also acted as a selection event for the World Championships in Guatemala on October 8, with the top six in each age group being picked for Great Britain.

The first race, for girls and boys aged 12-&-under, started in good conditions with a 500m run followed by a 50m swim and 500m run.

Dorset Pentathletes got off to a flying start with Aurelio Calipa taking gold, Josh Dreelan finishing fifth, Fred Fisher sixth and Sam Cobb eighth.

In the girls’ race, Daisy Davies took took gold with Phoebe Mills fourth, Catherine Tolley 10th, Harriet Tuson 13th and Gemma Wyatt 15th.

The next race was the boys’ 10-and-under where Jake Fisher was third, Josh Cobb fifth, Jack Amor sixth and Robert Chitty seventh.

In the girls’ event, Anya Snowball claimed fifth while Lily Amor took sixth.

The next races to go were the girls’ and boys’ 14-and-under where competitors run 500m, swim 100m and run 500m.

Once again, the local athletes had some good results with Ben Samuel finishing first.

Other top places went to Charlie Samouelle (fourth) and Robert Croager (fifth).

In the girls’ race, Elizabeth Tolley claimed fourth place, Kizzy Price was fifth and Portia Manson (13th), Jessica Sutton (14th), Lucy Anderson (15th), Poppy Boyden (16th) and Connie Baker (17th) all performed well.

The next events were the Masters races where the competitors run 1,000m, swim 100m and run 1,000m.

In the men’s 50-plus race, Mark Fisher was fifth, while in the ladies’ 40-plus, Emma Fisher added another gold medal to her European title.

The next race where there was local interest was the boys’ and girls’ 16-and-under who had to run 1,000m, swim 200m and run 1,000m.

In the girls’ events, Olivia Manson finished third with India Cooper fourth.

Bradley Sutton was second in the boys’ race, with Elliot Laville eighth and Jamie Price 10th.

The last race, a 1,500m run, 200m swim and 1,500m run, saw Harry Lane taking gold in the junior men, and in the boys’ 18-&-under event, Ryan Flaherty took ninth.

Team coach Mick Flaherty said: “Once again the Dorset Pentathletes dominated the British Championships, winning more medals than any other team. This is an excellent achievement for the athletes.

“The dedication and commitment the team has shown to training and racing has paid off, with 21 team members being selected for the British team for the World Championships in Guatemala.

“The competition was an amazing feat considering all the big cities that we have to compete with.

“Credit also goes to the younger members of the team who have shown lots of determination in their first year of biathle.”

The following athletes were selected to represent Great Britain at the Biathle World Championships in Guatemala: 10-and-under: Anya Snowball, Lily Amor, Jake Fisher, Josh Cobb, Jack Amor.

12-and-under: Daisy Davies, Phoebe Mills, Aurelio Calipa, Josh Dreelan, Fred Fisher 14-and-under: Ben Samuel, Robert Croager, Charlie Sam-oulle, Elizabeth Tolley, Kizzy Price.

16-and-under: Bradley Sutton, Olivia Manson, India Cooper.

Junior: Harry Lane.

Masters: Emma Fisher, Mark Fisher.

Flaherty added: “This is another great achievement for the club to have 21 athletes selected for the Great Britain team, with four athletes from the Fisher family.

“Unfortunately, due to the expense involved to take part in the World Championships, a lot of the athletes will not be able to go, as the event is self-funded.”

All the team has to fund themselves for these events so if there are any potential sponsors out there who would be interested in sponsoring the club, or any member of the team for the World Championships, please contact Mick Flaherty via flaherty121

The last race of the biathle season will take place at Greenhill Gardens, Weymouth on September 6. The first race is at 11am and last race is at 12.30pm.