WEEK four of the ADC Singles League saw Simon Churchill take points off both the top two players in his first two matches of the evening.

Taking the 1,001 shoot out in 35 darts, Churchill hit double tops, double tops to earn a point in his first match of the evening against current leader Andrew McDermott.

The 3-3 draw was one of eight draws in total on the night.

A 4-0 win in his second game against currently undefeated Mark Samways was the final success of the night for Churchill as his final game saw him come unstuck against Arnie Quin, losing 4-2.

Quin was involved in two 3-3 draws on the night drawing with Paul Dormer and Wayne Jordan respectfully.

Quin had to take out one of his legs in 15 darts against Jordan to secure the draw and finish the night unbeaten.

Wayne Jordan also had a good evening collecting a total of four points with no losses to his name drawing 3-3 with Matty Paice and a 4-0 victory over Dave Butler.

Jordan who is slowly getting his game back is just not killing games off when given the chance and ending in draws rather than wins.

It was not to be a good night for Dave Butler in the end losing all three of his matches with his other two being 4-1/4-1 to Matty Paice and Adam McKay.

The 4-1 scoreline against Paice did not reflect well on Butler who scored superbly in the opening legs but could not find a double.

Trebles for show, doubles for dough unfortunately.

That saying could not be more apparent for McKay in his final match of the evening against Danny Aplin, already hitting a 180 earlier on he hit another three more in the first three legs of this match to eventually lose 4-2.

Youngest player McKay currently sits sixth in the table after winning his second game against Scott Gannon 4-0.

A 3-3 draw with Chris Burton would be the only point Gannon would pick up after losing his

other match to Mark Samways 4-0.

Samways and Simon Sharpe played out a 3-3 draw with neither player being able to take advantage of the other missing doubles and in the end, a draw was a fair result.

A bouncing Sharpe won 3-0 against county A standard Steve Early but then drew his second game of the night with Burton before going on to lose 4-1 to McDermott.

After dropping his first points of the season to Churchill, McDermott got back to winning ways and remained top of the tree by beating an under-par Aplin 4-1 in his second game.

Aplin, who came from two down against McKay to win, had to do so in his first match against Paul Paice.

Both players in this match showed far to much respect for each other as it was evident in the scoring and finishing, Paice leading two-nil missed a hat full of darts at a double to take the game not only to 3-0 but easily could have been 4-0 to end up losing 4-2.

This has become a common occurrence for Paice so far in this new league as this was the fifth time he has led 2-0 and gone on to lose or draw.

Mel Gregg finally got her first well deserved point of the season drawing 3-3 with Matty Paice in a hot and cold match, highlight of the match was Paice’s 131 shot out to go two legs up.

Gregg pulled it back to 2-2, then she took the final leg and get that all important draw.

Exhibition darts were on show from Andy Masters and Mel Burton all evening, the pair facing off against each other in a highly anticipated match saw Masters taking it 4-2.

Masters hit a 180, 114 shot out and double 18 double top combo to seal a 15-dart leg against Trevor Honnor in his other 4-2 win.

Paul Paice would be Masters’ other victim losing 4-0.

Either side of losing 4-2 to Masters, Burton beat Dormer by the same scoreline with the score at 2-2 an 18 and 19 dart leg from Burton would see him take the win.

Burton then turned up the heat in his final match against Gregg by hitting 2x180s and missing the bull for a 170 checkout before going on to win 4-0.

Honnor inflicted another 4-0 defeat on Gregg and also a third defeat of the evening for Paul Paice.

Going down one nil to Paice, Honnor dug in and took the next four legs in a very flattering scoreline.

Dormer lost his first match then drew with Quin in his second match secured only his second victory of the season in his 4-1 win over Burton.

Total of eight 18Os hit and two 100+ checkouts

180s: Mel Burton (3), Adam McKay (4), Andy Masters

100+ checkouts: Matty Paice (131), Andy Masters (114)