TWO months of unopened mail revealed another £35,000 that Weymouth Football Club owes, new owner George Rolls told a meeting of supporters at the Wessex Stadium last night.

It was the first opportunity fans of the Terras had to question Rolls on his takeover and the gravity of the situation facing him and his new board.

One of the other announcements made by the club’s new chairman was that former chief executive Gary Calder would also be returning to the club on a part-time basis.

“Gary is going to be here, he knows the area and knows the people in Weymouth,” said Rolls. “I can’t get down everyday and we need to have someone holding the fort in the office so Andy Cooke can go out and sell.”

It is important Weymouth start bringing cash in – which they hope to do by bringing catering and the bar back in-house by the end of the season, and have a verbal agreement with Wessex Delivery Partner-ship to use the car park for events – because Rolls warned that the club’s £700,000 debt was “rising hourly”.

The Trade Recruitment supremo also said Weymouth have in the region of £70,000 owed to them that needs chasing because invoices had not been issued by the previous board, including for loan deals – such as that of Matt Townley to Clevedon Town.

But even though money is owed to them, there are still outstanding debts such as the £7,500 monthly bill to HMRC, which Rolls said has risen three-fold after the previous board were unable to honour their £2,500 a month deal.

And with former boss Alan Lewer’s £80,000 claim for unfair dismissal also hanging around their necks – that was due to go to court tomorrow before an adjournment was allowed – Rolls warned of hard times ahead.

“It’s going to be a hard slog for three years, it’s not going to be pretty,” he said. “The next three years are going to be hard work but if you are prepared to turn up for the team then I will work hard for you.”

He added: “I don’t mind upsetting everyone in the room if it’s for the good of the Football club.”

Rolls assured everyone that all players, including departed captain Kyle Critchell, would all be paid up to date in the next couple of days after receiving their bank details.

The Terras Saviours 100 will also be spoken to and deals struck to satisfy those who contributed to the scheme.

* Stuart Barnes Ltd will be the shirt-front sponsor for a new Terras’ kit that is to be launched in the New Year, Rolls also told the meeting.

The Weymouth chairman hopes to have the kit in place for the game with Dorchester Town on New Year’s Day.