FINANCIAL stability for Weymouth Football Club is the main priority for club chairman Nigel Biddlecombe.

The Terras’ chief, a lifelong Weymouth supporter, insisted that the club must be operated on a budget that suits longevity and remains confident that when the Company Voluntary Arrangement the club is currently paying off has been settled, the future is bright for the Terras.

He told Echosport: “I am very tentative to start coining phrases, one of my predecessors once made a comment about living the dream. The only person I know who is living the dream is me because I’m chairman of Weymouth Football Club and a part of it.

Although signings are due to come into the club over the summer, Biddlecombe insisted that he would remain careful with regards to budgetary figures.

He added: “We can’t build up massive debts, we have to keep the club solvent and while doing that we have to be as competitive as possible and I believe Jason (Matthews) is the man to achieve that for the football club.”

The Terras recently received a fourth annual report from Carter Clark Financial Recovery, stating that CVA payments have been made in accordance with the arrangement.

Biddlecombe added: “We have another season to go through with the CVA and at the end of that season I sincerely hope that we will be in some sort of a position to extend our reaches for the following year.

“The net result is there will be football in Weymouth for my grandchildren, which is one thing I really care about.”

With the club left in mid-table and missing out on the play-offs, Biddlecombe once again expressed his gratitude to the Weymouth supporters for their continued support with the club freezing their season ticket prices for the fourth consecutive season.

He claimed: “Vainly, with the club being in the hands of local people, I thought the attendances may have held or grown in that respect, but I appreciate that we haven’t performed on the park like we could have which has a direct correlation.

“Our supporters are absolutely marvellous, they stick by us and god knows I am very grateful for everyone of those.

“One or two other things need to be ironed out but if we can do that the future is bright for us and we need all the support we can get along the way.

"If that happens, we will turn around in the future and be a better club for it.”