I WENT to Wimbledon last week and I found watching Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic really enjoyable and insightful.

After finishing sixth at the World Championship event in Sweden, we arrived back home for our last week off before the Games.

Lucy and Annie have just been chilling and I went to the tennis with some old school friends. It was nice to get away.

We watched the Federer and Djokovic matches on Centre Court.

I had never been to watch tennis live so I probably looked closer at the players than I normally would between games and sets.

It was quite interesting to see how they coped with all the suspensions in play and rain delays.

I didn’t realise how much the tennis players had to wait around. It made me realise that people in other sports are in exactly the same position as us sailors.

When we get out on the water again, I won’t be as frustrated because I have seen we are not the only ones to experience weather hold-ups.

Another thing I noticed in Centre Court is that the atmosphere is incredible. It echoes and it was good to see how they played amid all the noise.

It made me think that sailing at the Games in front of bigger crowds than normal will be really cool.

What was also useful was seeing the players’ techniques of blocking out the noise.

Even if Centre Court is silent, you can hear the other courts cheering, so they must have ways of concentrating.

We will have to be the same at the Games because we’re not used to that. We will just have to concentrate on our sailing.

It will give us something different to think about when we resume our training schedule in Weymouth this week.

We’ll keep you updated on our progress. Thanks for your support.