LANDOWNERS have pulled the plug on providing a potential new home for the Weymouth Wildcats.

The nomadic speedway club had been holding talks with the proprietors of a location on the outskirts of Weymouth for several weeks but the land that was initially earmarked for the project is now no longer on offer.

Tim Allan, who has been instrumental in trying to keep the Wildcats name alive since their eviction from the Wessex Stadium site back in November 2010, told the club’s official website: “It wasn’t the news that I had been hoping to hear to be honest.

“Unfortunately the landowners had taken in a few meetings this year, as well as a few rain offs, and hadn’t been too impressed with the negativity surrounding the sport.

“Because of this they decided that it was best that they didn’t associate their successful business with the sport. They also felt that the sport, portrayed as a ‘family sport’, currently has a tarnished image with postings by supporters as well as riders on social media sites leaving a lot to be desired.”

There are also no current plans for a Wildcats side to take to the track again this year following the rain bashed summer decimating the fixture list and leaving very little room for challenge meetings.

Allan added: “Some of these people (on social media sites) have cost us the chance to revive the Wildcats at this present moment but hopefully we can move on and find some land elsewhere to get back on track.

“It’s a very sad time but with the economy as it is, maybe it’s for the best to sit and wait until the time is right and better for us all to make sure the project succeeds, as I’m sure another failure would kill off the Cats for good.”

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