NIGEL Biddlecombe has apologised on behalf of the board for the latest row that has erupted on the internet between Terras’ officials.

The Weymouth chairman has described the infighting as an embarrassment and moved to reassure fans that the club is working through their problems.

However, the turmoil has led to one resignation with Paul Cocks standing down from his role of chairman on the Trust board due to “the unsavoury and unsatisfactory” way the club is being run.

Concerns over overspending within the club have also surfaced but according to director Shaun Hennessy the Terras are not in financial trouble.

Commenting on the latest situation at the Bob Lucas Stadium, Biddlecombe, has released the following statement: “The board of Weymouth FC met last Saturday to discuss a number of issues that have arisen over the past week.

“A full and frank discussion took place around many of the individual incidents that had caused the explosion of comments on social media and other areas of the internet.

“The discussions looked at the root causes of the issues as well as the details given in some of these comments.

“After a meeting that lasted for five hours members left assured on many of the points discussed, although there remain a few to clear in due course.

“I want to say that I was assured by the other board members that there was no intention of removing me from my role as chairman, provided I am correctly proposed and re-elected at the AGM scheduled for July, 13 2013.

“The board are now fully aware of how confidential information was leaked to some members of the Trust board and will be taking steps to ensure that all confidential boardroom discussions are kept within the boardroom in future.

“We have now received the resignation of Paul Cocks as chairman of the Trust board and will be seeking to find an alternative member for that group over the coming weeks.

“Steps are also being taken to ensure that any loopholes within the rules of the Trust, which may allow its shareholding to be abused, are closed – as was the original intention.

“Since the meeting, further comments have appeared on various areas of the social media network and we will be taking steps to make sure that such information is not available to anyone in future.

“The board also came to the conclusion that – as individuals – we must not use these methods to make any point we might wish to make in the future, and it was decided that all board members should refrain from posting, unless the message is urgent and relates to non-confidential information.

“The decision taken at the last board meeting that myself and Mark Coleman were obliged to stand down at the coming AGM was confirmed. This is in keeping with the regulations covering companies and the scenario noted within our club’s articles.

“Personally – and on behalf of the board – I would like to apologise to the club’s supporters, sponsors and volunteers for any embarrassment that has been caused to them by the numerous comments made over the past week.

“I would also like to assure everyone that much of the information is not based on fact.”

The main reason behind Cocks’ decision to depart was a difference of opinion on the role of the Trust within the club’s set-up.

He added: “I am not happy about certain things that are happening at the club.

“The Trust is not allowed to carry out its role therefore there is no place for me.

“The club was given a clean slate last year and an opportunity for it to be democratically run with a Trust there to oversee it and help run it, but that has been wasted.

“It has been billed as a community club but what has happened recently has made that a complete nonsense.”

Following the major signings of Stewart Yetton and Nathan and Michael Walker there have also been fears on the financial front but Hennessy has put that down to the time of year.

He said: “There has been no financial mismanagement whatsoever. We are sailing close to the wind but every business does that during its quiet period.

“The budgets have to balance and be sustainable and as a board we are working hard to ensure that is the case.”