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n Jordan Ngalo 
                           Picture: MARK PROBIN
Jordan Rose, right, has departed Weymouth    Picture: MARK PROBIN
Serita Shone is assisting in the running of the league
James Laker scored six points for the Weymouth Wildcats
Balti Sports' striker Ricky Lane could return Picture: STEVE HUNTER
Lionel Ainsworth, right                           Picture: MARK PROBIN
Matt Stickland, centre, grabbed a hat-trick in the first game of the season for Chickerell                                                 Picture: FINNBARR WEBSTER/F19348
Chantelle Dorton on Wildgoosechase                                  Picture: PERMISSION GRANTED FOR USE BY EMMPIX
Rich Cole, right, took four catches for his team                                                  Picture: GRAHAM HUNT PHOTOGRAPHY
James Jessop, left, is out injured       Picture: DAVE JESSOP