After the England team’s recent World cup disappointment, football is a bit of a sore topic, so this month let’s move away from footballs and try something bigger.

Lots of you have seen a Swiss ball and some of you will even have one or two kicking around the house. 

Swiss ball training exercises require heightened balance skills when compared to regular resistance training.

Ball exercises are used by sports coaches, fitness buffs and physical therapists to activate sleeping abdominal and lower back muscles as well as strengthening muscles and improving joint stability. 

With only a little carefully controlled ‘on the ball’ experience you will quickly learn to better your balance and should soon be progressing to stylish looking moves that spice up your workouts and engage sleeping abdominal muscles.

In my work at Kris Cann Personal Training, I have had several clients come back to me after using a Swiss ball to sit and balance on during their favourite soaps saying that their tummies feel firmer after only a week!

If you don’t have a ball – order one online for as little as £4.99, ditch the tub of luxury ice cream, or skip out on the four pack to pay for it, grab your ball and join me for some simple, do at home exercises to help shape you up.

Before attempting any of the exercises shown, always inspect your ball for punctures.

Check with your G.P if you doubt your suitability to safely participate, and be reminded that you participate entirely at your own risk.

 It’s easy to fall off the ball, so ask a friend to help you balance to begin with.

Click to view the warm-up video

Click to cool down with some stretches

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Until next time, be good, play with your balls, enjoy the summer and stay fit and healthy!