Life has been rather busy since we last caught up with the Stevens family.

We were following Amanda and husband Craig, and their children Zach, 15, and Morgan, 13, on their journey with Slimming World as the whole family worked hard to lose weight, get fit and adopt an altogether healthier lifestyle.

Their efforts have been put on hold for a little while, however, as they get used to life with new baby Eden, who was welcomed to the world on October 29.

Amanda, 42, admitted the diet had gone out of the window during a difficult pregnancy, but is determined to get things back on track in the run up to Christmas.

“We’re going back to Slimming World this week,” she said.

“We still all want to do it, more than ever now we’ve got Eden. It’s given us a real push to go back, so we are going to go back on it 100 per cent, and we want to do it for her, so she grows up with our healthy eating habits and won’t be in the same situation.”

“We were going to leave it until after Christmas, but we thought let’s go back now. The boys are really motivated, they’ve been saying for the last few weeks they need to go back as their school uniforms were getting tight.”

Christmas will be slightly different for the family this year, as they get used to life as a five-some and to a less indulgent festive season, but Amanda said they would still be able to enjoy some treats, in moderation.

“You can have roast dinner on Slimming World anyway, so we’ll just follow that version,” she explained.

“It’s just buying everything in moderation – just one selection box instead of ten, going for the healthy option, so rather than Christmas pudding, we’ll go for the meringue.”

She added: “Christmas is an indulgent time anyway, especially if you’ve got a thing with food; it’s the perfect time to overeat and over indulge. It really helps if you can have a little bit of control by going to Slimming World first, and then you don’t feel so bad afterwards, because you don’t beat yourself up with guilt over what you’ve eaten.

“We aren’t going to go crazy, but we will still have what we want, but in moderation, and we’re going to try and take the focus off food and make it more about family.”