Over the last 18 months the fitness mission series have helped readers improve their health and fitness at home. This final piece discusses using your mental strength to stay fit, healthy and active.

But first I’d like to share with you an excellent resource if you need help with nutrition. Sugar the Bitter Truth by Doctor Robert Lustig on YouTube is well researched and his simple tips may improve what goes in your tummy.

Being fit and active is often about making smart, healthy choices, managing your time and doing what you say you will. If you are not already active, find the fitness mission series at the Echo online (7Days – health and fitness tab) for safe exercise instruction.

Laziness, boredom and not knowing what to do are big barriers to exercise, trying a new workout, a different routine, or getting off the sofa can motivate you!

You can catch up on all the fitness missions over the past 18 months below. 

Mental strength will get you started and keep you exercising, it can be built and trained and help make you tough enough to finish what you begin. Many people who struggle with staying in shape experience a subconscious voice saying you can’t do whatever it is you need to – the voice is lying. You have at some time proved it wrong and you can again!

Maybe today you can’t run a marathon, but you can take a walk, jog or train to help you reach your goal. If your goal is distant, whether it be weight loss or climbing Everest, someone else will usually have done it before – look at those people, they found courage, determination, inspiration and purpose, they can be your driving force to tell the “I can’t” voice in your head that actually, you can, and you will, because it’s already been done!

You have the strength within to achieve big and small personal victories. Next time you hear that negative voice it’s OK, you know what to do – shout louder, make “I can” your new motto, dig deep and carry on, you are worth it, you are able and you will do it.

Thank you for reading – I hope I have helped you and that you will continue to be active, healthy and happy.

Next year I will be running two seminars: one on motivation, the other on what healthy eating really means. Contact me through kriscannpersonaltraining.co.uk if you would like to learn more.