One key trend that is starting to fill the shops is the ‘western’ look, which is great for men and women alike.

From suede to fringe, cowboy inspired accents are in for spring and there are a few ways to incorporate them into a wardrobe with a little help from the retailers in Dolphin shopping centre.

Cowboy boots – look great on men and women and can update any outfit with a western twist

Suede – no cowboy or cowgirl is without a trusty suede jacket and this is a key fabric in the trend. For a more subtle take on the look, opt for suede accessories like bags, boots and jackets

Fringe – look for shirts or accessories with fringe accents or go big with a fringe layered shirt or skirt

Chambray shirts – the perfect weekend wear, chambray shirts are another classic that will never go out style. They can be worn to nearly any occasion and are comfortable too.

Cowboy hats – many shops are offering a softer edge to the classic headgear in materials like wool and angora

Leather belts – for those who don’t want to commit to the western look from head-to-toe, adding a leather belt with western details such as oversized buckles, imprinted designs or turquoise accents add just a little country to a classic pair of jeans.