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Business is booming on Portland, where companies have cause to celebrate

PORTLAND is unique for its land and sea scape, its history and community, an island but for the beach road and the mysterious Chesil Bank linking it to Weymouth.

Famous for its stone worldwide, its history is also in seafaring and farming, the Court Leat, the Royal Navy, fascinating churches, museum, the Verne Citadel, gaols, Portland Bill, Church ‘Ope Cove, the Race and three lighthouses, one of which is a bird observatory.

And now it will host the sailing events for the Olympics in five years’ time.

Some disused quarries have become wildlife havens with rare species of flora to be found and one is a sculpture park. Climbing, watersports and walking are all favourite pastimes for visitors and residents.

Artists and photographers settle here in greater numbers each year, attracted by the light, the relative isolation of this island environment and the close community. Businesses are settling here in greater numbers each year, and there’s optimism in the air.

The last decade has seen major changes since the closure of the naval base, the air station and other defence related operations – now Portland Port, Osprey Quay and Southwell Business Park. They are are now a hive of activity as is the lesser known Tradecroft industrial estate.