Bad losers who attended the recent march in London for another referendum seem to think they only have to shout and scream the loudest to get their own way.

Brimming with self righteous and patronising assumptions on the majority who voted leave they seem to think they can cry their way to victory.

On a recent trip to a Leave Means Leave rally at the BIC in Bournemouth I was met at the entrance by a foaming gaggle of remainiacs loudly singing songs such as Farage Is A Traitor while holding up the EU flag, the irony was unbelievable.

What’s amusing is that even if they get their way and keep us in the EU is the belief it will be business as usual.

The twin pillars of the EU (Liberal retardation and political correctness) are going to get a hammering at next May’s European Parliament election as common sense patriotic parties make a come back.

The Italian government has just submitted a budget the EU doesn’t agree with so how will that play out, downhill for the Euro by the look of it, meanwhile half of Eastern Europe is facing punishment for not accepting undesirable migration.

By the time we get Brexit or not it will have all fallen apart anyway due to the EU being an undemocratic, liberally retarded and politically correct institution that the majority in Europe do not want.

Either that or the commission will have to start appointing commissioners who think more like the majority of Europeans.

I wonder how keen religious Remoaners would be on the EU then.


Essex Road, Weymouth