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'Time to do your duty'

With stories of non-vaccinated people begging to be vaccinated when they end up in intensive care wards (when it is too late to be immunised) just what is it that is preventing the die-hards from doing their duty and getting vaccinated?I accept the right to freedom of choice but what about personal responsibility? You are not just risking killing yourself but countless innocent others.

'No leniency should be shown - people are fed up with soft sentences'

I HAVE always thought how good the new toilet facilities were. Free and plenty of them in nice condition. How disgraceful that these vandals can destroy them and cause more expense to the council. I doubt if these people will be caught but if so they or their parents should be made to pay every penny that the repairs cost.

'Time for Boris Johnson to reinvent himself'

WITH all the trials and tribulations that our Prime Minister Boris Johnson has experienced recently, incidentally many of his own making and with the new year upon us, it is time for him to reinvent itself.