In answer to Mr Denton-White's letter, about the result of the referendum, he states central London was transformed into an amphitheatre of active demand for change.

He then states it is democracy in action, does he not realise that the vote we had in June 2016 was a democratic vote whichever way he likes to look at it.

As far as polls are concerned he is obviously talking about one that suits him, and why should it worry people who voted leave as we would hope that the democratic vote will be upheld.

Please could he also explain about the country at large changing their opinions, I think that what he likes to think.

A lot of problems for for an agreement on a deal is also caused by other political parties who either find it could be a excuse for another election or the fact they voted remain and lost.

Finally I do find his comment that millions of decent people are trying to change politicians minds to stay, so what do you think about the millions and I mean millions of people who voted leave and still stick by that, plus any that have changed there mind and now would vote leave.

Also the comment of patience and frustrated anger are comments that are made just to stir up trouble.

Finally this government are listening to the people and trying to sort out the process of leaving the EU, also your comment on Mr Khan, he needs to concentrate on London, you also mentioned flags of which were very blue on your day of demonstration, this is GB or UK therefore it would have been good to see a lot more Union Jacks, and don't keep thinking that the only decent people are the ones that voted remain. Decent people also voted leave.


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