The statement that Condor left Weymouth due to the Council’s negligence in the harbour is incorrect.

Condor were well aware that the new trimaran vessel they were to purchase, and operate the cross channel service with, was too large for any of the berths in Weymouth, long before they complained of the poor condition of the harbourside.

As it happens, the passage across the English Channel to the Channel Islands from Weymouth is much the shortest along the south coast.

However, it would not be possible to operate a ferry service nowadays as, for the Olympics, traffic lights were installed at the junction of King Street and the Esplanade.

Before the traffic lights were installed, if the traffic became stationary down King Street then, with the roundabout in place, traffic could still proceed along the seafront, passing through the lane left for north-bound traffic.

With the traffic lights, when they turn red, then the traffic has to stop which, in the summer, builds up long queues all the way from the Pavilion car park, which would make it impossible for vehicles from a ferry to leave the vessel and travel out of the town.

A ferry service could still operate from the borough, though.

If the Western Relief Road were to be built, then the service could operate from Portland Port, giving the public the quickest crossing to the Channel Islands – far quicker than from Poole.


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