Could I please, via the Dorset Echo, thank the people who came to my aid when I ruptured my Achilles heel whilst crossing the bridge at Dorchester South station on Friday evening.

In particular, both Jim and, I think, Will, who stayed with me after calling the ambulance until it eventually arrived two hours later.

Grandchildren’s parties and dinner with partners were delayed helping someone they didn’t know on a freezing cold bridge.

I could not move and was getting cold so a very big thank you to the staff at the nearby Premier Inn who sent me out a duvet and pillow you are a credit to your company and great human beings.

There were several others who stayed with me through a very trying time and I deeply thank all of you. Your consideration for a stranger is such a credit to you and I sincerely wish you all a fantastic Christmas and a very prosperous and happy new year, be proud guys you deserve to be.


Dorchester Road, Stratton