RICHARD Drax is naïve if he thinks his lancing of the Brexit boil (One way to lance the Brexit boil – Dorset Echo, Friday, December 14) will unite the country.

How do you leave an organisation you currently belong to and then re-negotiate from ‘outside’ ?

‘You cannot be serious' Mr. Drax!

Far from uniting Britain it might mean the beginnings of civil unrest between Remainers and Leavers out on the streets.

What did Oliver Cromwell say about politics ‘being a substitute for civil war!’

Can Mr Drax explain please how you ‘re-negotiate from outside?.

No Tory MP for South Dorset there are actually two sensible things you can do to address this current parliamentary impasse.

First, accept that Parliament can’t resolve the impasse and put it back to the people for a second vote or second intelligently rescind Article 50, as the European Court of Justice have recently stated is possible, and remain within the European Union on the excellent terms we’ve already got.

It would seem that the barricades are already going up Mr Drax.

Millions of Britons don’t embrace your English nationalist ideology.

No wonder Mr Hammond described you and the Tory European Reform Group zealots as ‘extremists’.

It’s this Eurosceptic fundamentalism that’s being dividing our country for decades. Be gone!


Fortuneswell, Portland