The negative reports about Weymouth are so sad.

It has the most wonderful beach and views, boats in the harbour, a pier, the promenade is wide and roomy.

The shame is that the potential is being wasted, the town in general and most of the buildings are letting it down badly.

The Pavilion theatre is a disgrace.

Imagine a continental resort with the bonus of this lovely Weymouth beach and outlook.

Imagine smart shops and restaurants, hotels and continental style cafes along the front.

There is so much potential here.

Come on Weymouth council, invest in what could be a wonderful town that has the good fortune to be sites in a most beautiful area.

There must be canny businessmen out there missing a chancel to be very successful there.

We would love to see it blossom into the beautiful resort it so easily could be.

The tatty and closed shop premises in the town are a disgrace, why can't their owners be made to smarten them up.

I'm sure there must be people out there who agree with this.


The Old Reading Rooms

The Triangle