Interesting to see the closer we get to Brexit day the more deranged our local Liberals seem to be on Brexit and the inevitable apocalypse a WTO Brexit would deliver.

These same Liberals wail about proportional representation and how democratic it is (they are absolutely right about this) but then insist we must be governed by a politically correct, liberally-retarded superstate with no democratic accountability (the EU parliament is a charade to cover the appointed commission who actually govern).

Can you imagine Liberals supporting the EU if it wasn't their ideological dream encompassing immigration policies based on the best sob story or crime and punishment policies based on appeasement of criminals and slap on the wrist justice.

Luckily the majority of Europeans who do the real work on minimum wage/low wages no better than their betters and are voting for nation state democracy again.

The majority who are the backbone of Europe do not want people governing them who see the world through rose tinted glasses who live in ivory towers.

They expect to have patriotic leaders who put the real workers and their country first.

They also expect their civil service/government to stop re-moaning and deliver a proper Brexit without predicting a plague of locusts because they lost.


Essex Road, Weymouth