Let's do some “Talkin' 'bout my generation!” You know, “My Generation” who sang “I hope that I die before I get old” (from The Who's 1965 hit single).

Well My Generation, (those of us in our 60s or early 70s) is still here and becoming increasingly dependant on the NHS and thus relying upon the younger generations to fund the NHS into our old ages.

Unlike the previous generations to us, My Generation didn't have to fight a World War. Unlike the younger generations, My Generation had the opportunity to buy their own houses and see their assets appreciate, to have jobs for life with the promise of paid holidays and a good pension, to reap the benefits of our post war technological society with little thought for the future. Never before has a generation had it so good!

But it is to My Generation's disgrace that we are responsible for the highest average personal carbon dioxide emissions of any age cohort. The 600 plus tonnes of carbon dioxide so far emitted in the lifetime of each member of My Generation has contributed towards the one degree Celsius global temperature rise that has already taken place. Our carbon dioxide emissions will continue to produce global warming for another 1000 years and more.

I am proud of the many pupils in Weymouth and Bridport (and elsewhere throughout the UK) who downed pencils and walked out of their classrooms last Friday.

“We want action” (Dorset Echo headline Feb 16) was their message on climate change.

They had been inspired to act by the 15 year old Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg who in December had delivered a scathing attack on the My Generation world leaders at the December Climate Conference, saying “You are not mature enough to tell it like it is. Even that burden you leave to us children.”

It is time for My Generation to redress this inter-generational imbalance, to accept our obligations as mature adults and to safeguard our children and grand children's future.

My Generation must lead in taking responsibility by dramatically reducing our personal carbon dioxide emissions and by ensuring that our political leaders, fellow My Generation members, Teresa May and Jeremy Corbyn urgently make the pivotal societal changes necessary to reduce the damaging upheavals that will inevitably result from climate change.

The younger generations and those yet to be born deserve nothing less.

Dr Graham Lambert (aged 66 and a half)


Gypsy Lane