TO ACCESS my property I drive up Seven Acres Road. This is also the exit route for the area’s bus service onto Preston Road. However car drivers often park indiscriminately on Seven Acres.

If common sense were used, drivers would desist from parking either side of the road opposite another car. Why? Because such action prevents the buses getting past their cars.

Bus passengers have to alight some distance from their stop and those waiting for the bus to arrive at the bottom of Seven Acres into town, are left frustrated seeing their bus unable to get to them. Annoyingly homeowners in the area have to turn their cars around and drive well out of their way to get to their homes.

I can imagine the frustration the bus drivers must feel having to scout around trying find the owners of the cars blocking their way. Sadly from what I gather, in some cases the car owner isn’t found because it’s someone who has pitched up, dumped their car and gone to the hairdressers, shops or gone walking.

I am not suggesting Seven Acres becomes a yellow-lined road but perhaps parking bays could be marked out to prevent the regular bus service coming to a halt because of inconsiderate drivers.

Sheena Dearness,

Address supplied