I HAVE just read a very bitter letter in today’s Echo by Peter Harley who obviously is NOT a dog lover, however Mr Harley does have a point when he states that once a child comes into contact with dog poo, if on their hand and they touch near their eye the child could be blinded.

However I am a great dog lover and when my husband passed away four years ago, I took on a Rescue Greyhound called Charlie who was a great consolation to me and is the love of my life, now I was brought up with discipline and have had Dachshunds in the past all brought up with love and discipline, which I am a great believer in, and I also maintain one should always pick up one’s dog poo for health sake, and for keeping the beach, promenade and streets clean, it’s ones duty to do this.

I also believe in keeping a dog on a short lead as to control the animal.

A long lead is alright if there are no people about, and definitely do not let your dog of the lead where sheep, cows or any livestock is about. In other words use your common sense. So Mr Harley I hope one day you will grow to like, if not love a dog, as he or she can be your best friend.

April Lee and Charlie

Wyke Regis