Just who is this Mike Joslin, for some time now I have endured the rants of this man however Wednesdays edition finally broke my patience.

He suggests that any loss of trade the 27 countries suffer can be divided between them.

Well good luck on that one Germany currently makes over 22 Billion profit from us, does he really think the rest want to help them cover their loss.

We currently have a Net deficit with the EU of 67 Billion pounds, in other words we buy more than sell to them. Our Trade with Non EU countries currently shows a Net gain of 41 Billion.

The trade with Europe has fallen consistently since 2006 by 55% to a new low of 44% and falling. Europe is shrinking when compared to the rest of the world.

Soon China will be the world’s largest economy,Singapore is the world’s fastest growing followed swiftly by South America, Africa a sleeping giant which will awaken.

Our own connections with the English speaking world should pay more dividends surely than all of our wasted efforts with Juncker and Co .

Only a fool would allow his economy to miss this Wonderful opportunity, the EU and the Euro will do well to last the pace.

Please get me out of this Jungle.

Robbie Feltham

Rodwell Road