On Tuesday, the Dorset Echo reported how

a billboard by anti-Brexit campaigners Led By Donkeys has appeared in Weymouth

. Here's what readers had to say...

  • How about having another billboard quoting David Cameron."This is your decision. The Government will implement what you decide"....or not eu must be joking
  • The point is that governments are not bound by promises made by previous governments. That is our system. ronfogg
  • The poster says 'what's changed?' I'll tell you what has changed. The people of this country gave her a mandate. In a democratic referendum. The majority voted OUT Tackleberry
  • Sadly tackleberry it was the wrong 52% who voted out.It was the working class not the snobby office workers who didn't lose their jobs to Polish immigrants and students who have no idea as yet of the real world. Now they are going to stamp their feet until they get what they want. Ovaltine
  • Hear hear. I sit and listen to them braying every day up here in London. To me it's hardly a surprise that the people who have benefited most voted to Remain. People are selfish and self righteous. Mjollnir
  • It is the working classes who stand to lose most from Brexit - car production moving overseas etc. Boobooweymouth
  • That’s nothing to do with Brexit. Truth to Power
  • Perhaps the majority (who voted OUT) might have changed their minds too. Ronfogg
  • Agreed. I came to the conclusion several months ago that a second referendum - based on total votes not constituencies - is needed to settle the matter. I will still vote Leave. But to the original story, May has never claimed she is anything but a Remainer. But she was given a mandate to leave. So I don't think the twitter post adds anything Mjollnir