Richard Drax's column in Friday's (March 15) Dorset Echo perfectly summed up the present terrible situation which has developed in this country, caused by our politicians. In the 2016 referendum 17.4 million people (52%) voted to Leave. An estimated 74% of MPs voted to Remain.

Our brave and honourable country, for which millions lost their lives in two world wars in order for us not to be ruled by Germany, is left looking stupid as Juncker & co ridicule Theresa May's every move and politicians such as Dominic Grieve, Anna Soubry, Vicki Morgan, to mention just a few, have done all they could to thwart her. We did not expect any favours from the EU, but we did expect to be treated with due respect.

What happened to Theresa May's "no deal is better than a bad deal"? Why did she agree a £39 billion payment to the EU before any negotiations took place and when legally, apparently, we had no obligation to pay anything? Surely we are the ones who should receive payment - for the infrastructure to which we have contributed? Why did Theresa May not take on Nigel Farage as adviser instead of Ollie Burns, a Remain voting civil servant? Theresa May would not be Prime Minister without Nigel Farage devoting some 25 years to obtaining a democratic Peoples' Vote.

Our MPs are supposed to represent the views of their constituents. Richard Drax does this. We, in South Dorset are lucky to have such an MP. There are other MPs in Dorset and elsewhere who are egotistical enough to refuse to acknowledge the majority views of their constituents.

A recent letter criticised Richard Drax for receiving agricultural benefits from the EU, whilst railing against it. Surely this proves how magnificently he upholds the views of his constituents whilst well aware it would cause a loss of personal income? Also, if this view is to be applied generally to all situations, how about Labour supporters who were granted the right to buy their council houses by Margaret Thatcher? They did not refuse to do so because they were anti Conservative. How about the over 75s who receive free TV licences from the BBC? I have not heard of them refusing because they do not agree with the politics of the BBC. Obviously, I could go on and on in this vein...

Let's hope we Leave without a deal. We've gone without before. Let's buy British. Let's give free rein to our entrepreneurs. Let's deselect those MPs who did not stand by their majority constituents.

A South Dorset Voter.