THE reference by The Fish, to ‘a vote which is enshrined in law’, reminded me of the referendum held in The West Dorset District Council voting constituency, regarding government by cabinet. Yes or No? The result was a massive No! That was the last we heard of it. The new form of local government blew it out of the water without a murmur.

Guess what? We are being governed by cabinet. Unelected shadow cabinet, true, but, we have no say until April. Moreover, we, the people, had no say in the format of the new local government. Talk of the People’s Vote and the sanctity of the referendum rings hollow to me. There would appear to be double standards in the Conservative Party.They hi-jacked Brexit, lock, stock and duty free barrel from the start.

Were these votes seriously considered, we might accept the decisions with more grace? Expecting us to give unstinting support to one and ignoring the other is not my idea of democracy. How many non-Conservatives have had a say in Parliament about the way Brexit should have gone? Were any even consulted? Locally, how many non Conservatives were given the chance to get the views of their supporters on the reorganisation of our local government,or was it a fait accompli? I am tempted to think that secrecy is the general form our new governors will take. Please tell me I am wrong!

Helena M. Smith,

Dagmar Road, Dorchester