I NOTE that when the new Dorset Unitary Council comes into being the ”shadow council” will impose upon this democratically elected body the leader system and cabinet form of governance.

Will the new body, I wonder, be allowed the freedom to choose its own system of governance?

I have a direct concern in this matter for as a Dorset county councillor for Sherborne Rural 2009-2016 I fought against this system once I had ample opportunity to see how it operates.

There were cabinet members one can consider as mediocre and talented and those who on elevation considered themselves completely “in charge” of their sphere of interest irrespective of the views that other members held that by right had to be taken into consideration.

Too much authority held by too few is dangerous and I sincerely hope the new input of councillors will reflect on what type of governance that they are going to be saddled with.

Michael J.Bevan

Abbotsbury Road, Weymouth