RICHARD Drax quotes partial voting figures from America and so gives a misleading impression. Most of his column is about President Trump and he quotes the 63 million Americans who voted for him in preference to Hilary Clinton. He omits to mention the 70 million who voted for Clinton. She won the poplar vote, but lost the Presidency in the electoral college voting system of states 227 to 304.

Mr Drax appears to side with Trump in "raging against fake news" but makes no mention of the documented lies, distortions and crimes that Trump has committed: he allegedly committed adultery with a porn star while his wife was bearing his son and then paid this porn star a lot of money to keep quiet. He, Trump, has boasted on video of sexually assaulting women and has publically incited hatred against minorities. I could go on, but the "errant" journalists that Mr Drax quotes have tried to do a good job in telling truth to Power (Trump). Long may these journalists continue.

One final point about Brexit and voting numbers. We are frequently reminded of the 17.4 million (52%) who voted leave, against the 16.1million (48%) who voted remain. This was correct, but includes no mention of the 13 million who did not vote, out of a total electorate of 46.5 million. Thus an alternative way of presenting the result is:

Leave: 17.4 million (37%), Remain: 16.1 million (35%), Did not vote: 13 million (28%). This is also correct and gives different perspective: only a minority of the total electorate voted to leave. Not to mention all the 16-17 year olds who were not allowed to vote. Most of these are thought to support Remain.

John Tomblin

Littlemoor Road