Unlike 'Name and Address Supplied', I don't think Richard Drax does represent us. I think he only represents the views of those who agree with him, mostly living in the prosperous east of the county. Otherwise he might have supported the proposal, a couple of years ago, to build a windfarm off the Dorset coast, which was likely to bring employment to Portland.

He recruits the most statesmen-like vocabulary when talking about Brexit; 'regain our liberty' and 'control our destiny', 'the abyss'. He likens the likes of me to 'the liberal elite'. How dare he?

When we regain our liberty, what will we then be free to do? Work for a minimum wage? Wait for an ambulance for 2 hours in an emergency? Fail to find a school place for a handicapped child? Go to the foodbank? Watch our local hospitals be sold so luxury flats can replace them? Well sorry, Richard, we already have these freedoms thank you very much.

He should bear in mind that his constituency contains some of the most deprived boroughs in Britain, with the lowest wages, highest council taxes and most widespread deprivation. Our wonderful countryside is being destroyed for the benefit of house-builders who do nothing to affect local homelessness figures. Is Brexit going to sort this out? I don't think so.

As for his definition of democracy: "one vote each - and the greatest number on the day wins" ? With our electoral system this is not what happens at all (nor in the USA, where Clinton won the popular vote).

Perhaps our respected MP can explain what he really means when he talks about controlling our destiny. He's even beginning to sound a bit like Donald Trump!

Lynne Crowe

Fancy's Close, Portland