So the "Airfield" has now its memorial. As a lad in Hereford Road it was a magnet for observing the aircraft that more and more infrequently touched down on the grass. Of course we had to run the gauntlet of crossing the Grammar School playing field chased by the caretaker "Zulu" Barratt (don't ask!) and then passing under the Jaundiced eye of the Gate Guard as we passed along Radipole Lane and it was a lane, until creeping through the perimeter hedge to the "hump" which gave a view of the whole field and occasionally balloon parachute jumping. A low profile and a smart lookout was needed for the gate guards who were objectionable to us lads but the info of latter years that the "hump" was the ammo store might have been significant! Where are you now R Wilcox and the Pitman boys and the prefab lads?

AP Taylor

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