I FIRST visited Dorset 65 years ago as a Territorial Army Trooper on a gunnery course at Lulworth. A few years later when I had left the Regular Army I started a long relationship with the county with my wife and children. We had static holiday caravans at a number of different sites and then moved over to Motor Caravans. My wife and I minus the children recently visited the Weymouth area in an attempt to rediscover places we visited over the years but there was one we simply could not find.

The actual site was practically on the beach and comprised a number of privately-owned holiday caravans of an indiscriminate age and if one was interested in obtaining one then one had to put your name down until one became vacant. That must have been about thirty years ago.

The site was approached along a narrow road off the coastal road that ran from Lulworth to Weymouth and the road stopped at a car park just short of the caravan site.

I would dearly like to visit that site again but where is it?

Brian M. Leahy