THE Leave versus Remain arguments rumble on in your correspondence columns.

However, looking at the behaviour of our incompetent government and our parliament over recent weeks I am now far more concerned about the survival of our democratic traditions.

With a few honourable exceptions like our own Richard Drax and the DUP, members of parliament of the two main parties have now accomplished two things: Firstly they have clearly demonstrated that they hold the populace, electorate and democracy itself in contempt.

Both Labour and the Conservative MPs were elected with manifestos that promised to respect the result of the referendum, both have shown that they never had any intention of doing so.

Secondly they have also demonstrated that the ‘mother of parliaments’ is shamefully content to be a rubber stamping body for the EU.

It seems to me that whichever way you voted (or didn’t) in the referendum one should be apalled at what our parliament has done.

For, if they can lie to the electorate and ignore its wishes on one issue they can and will do it on others.

There is a third point.

If Brexit doesn’t happen the UK parliament will have consigned itself to the dustbin of history as national governments gradually become irrelevant as ever more power is concentrated into the hands of the EU commission.

John Neimer